Member Spotlight - Haykin Family Cider

Colorado Cider Guild recently checked in with Talia Haykin, Owner of Haykin Family Cider.


Where is your Cidery located? We are located in Aurora near the Stanley Marketplace at 33rd and Peoria, in Aurora Colorado.

Tell us about your Business. Our business happened completely by accident. We've been making cider as a hobby since 2013 and our friends and family encouraged us to send our bottles to competitions. Much to our surprise, we won best in class at the Great Lakes International Cider and Perry Competition, (GLINTCAP) which helped convince us to go commercial. Our tasting room has been open for a year and a half. The 2019 harvest will be our third production season as a company.

Tell us about the Cider! We make our cider with two ingredients: apples and yeast. The apples come from small farmers who we know personally, and most of them are in Colorado. With tiny bubbles, our ciders are like sparkling wine. We strive to elevate the apple just like wineries treat grapes, highlighting the flavor and complexity of interesting and unique varieties.
We don't use any adjuncts (sugar, flavorings, or other additives), we focus on letting the unique flavors of the apple shine. The majority of the ciders are single varietals (made mainly from one apple variety) with a few cuvees or blends showing up on the menu from time to time. All of our ciders are certified kosher with the Scroll K.

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Haykin Family Cider ~ 12001 E 33rd Ave, Unit D, Aurora, CO 80010

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